Colin Halliday

Born in Cumbria in 1964 Colin Hallidays paintings have been described as having painterly qualities and romantic inclinations that shine from the canvas and has even been compared to Turner.

Having worked in many different styles and subject matter his work has evolved into a fresh and unique style that reflects his deep affinity with nature and the British landscape.

His paintings reflect the power of nature in that the application of paint retains all the immediacy and power that one feels when face to face with the elements and the landcape.

Halliday moved to Derbyshire in 2005 and now concentrates on Landscape painting and while the work is based on his surroundings it is not however bound by that. His paintings go beyond that as one is drawn in to the surface and the beauty of the marks and application of paint.

Exhibiting since the late 1980’s Halliday was having one person shows even before college. With prices and demand for his work rising fast Halliday is not an artist that has found a style and stuck to it, his work is evolving all the time, and his willingness to take risks is among with many other qualities what keeps his work fresh and exciting.