Henry Walsh

Scattered throughout the hussle and bustle of concrete life, like pools among the rocks, are the parks and squares that provide us with a place to breathe and a time to think.

It is a fundamental need of a sane society to be able to stop once in a while and wander from the routine, lift our heads and look at the sky or take in our regular surroundings with new eyes.

My work begins with snapshots of busy city life and by a process of elimination I refocus the image on elements that encapsulate a sober thoughtfulness.’ – HW’10

Born on the 20th April 1978 in Norwich, England. Henry studied art at Ipswich College in Suffolk, and then Loughborough University in Leicestershire. In 2000 he moved to London to find work that would further his art career and help to maintain his painting.

Since January 2001 Henry has been working for the Curwen Gallery helping to run a business art consultancy and contemporary art gallery. In 2004 he was made the Associate Director, involving him in all areas of the business, his particular interests include the organisation and curation of exhibitions, art handling and the look and design of the company’s promotional material and website. He is also involved in art presentations and proposals to business clients.

In Spring 2011 Henry and his family will be moving to the Peak District. This opportunity has arisen due to Henry’s wife’s job with the BBC relocating to the new Media City at Salford Quays. Henry will become a freelance artist & designer concentrating more time to his painting (while also keeping two kids alive and occupied). He will continue to work with Curwen selecting and organising the annual ‘Northern Graduates’ exhibition, as well as exhibiting his own paintings in regular group and solo exhibitions.

Henry currently lives in Putney, South West London, with his wife Lorna, son Charlie and daughter Indigo. When not working for the gallery Henry continues to paint regularly. His work is regularly exhibited and collected in London, New York and Scandinavia.