Matthew Wood

My art practice is based on the generation of oil studies, in one sitting, in site specific locations.

I paint on found and fabricated sections of board panel and MDF, creating images that retain a painterly expression of the landscape. I travel by foot, bike or car to these locations. My transportation dictates the scale of each piece, as does the weather and light on the depth of technique. I do not work on the paintings after I leave the site.

I regard my paintings as a continuation of the genre of the ‘plein-air’ oil study – associated with Impressionism but originally undertaken during the Seventeenth Century. On a personal level, the looseness and spontaneity of such a practice reflects the clarity of vision unhindered in a studio or institution. My practice is solitary.

I have been based in London and Belgium and have produced work in the North of Luxembourg and the central peninsula of the Peloponnese, Greece. I am presently based in Mid-Wales.