Sue McCall

Born near Chester, with lasting memories of the dynamics and intensity of the mountains and weather in North Wales, I now live and work in High Peak, Derbyshire: a gritty uncompromising northern landscape, constant, solid and challenging.

I have never stopped drawing. Drawing is the means to thinking and understanding.
It is the tool to developing an idea, exploring composition, or is spontaneous and experimental through mark and gesture.

Drawing can explore emotions, be an aide memoir or be itself, an observation.

I either draw whilst walking so that the works have a narrative nature or I record an experience of light and colour with gestural marks and colour.

Painting is a more considered process needing discipline and understanding of pigment and its application. It takes time and tension.

I react most strongly to moving through the landscape; to the dynamics between the weather and solid forms, textures and light.
I try to express the feeling of being in a place at a time; to make works about the experience of the elements, space and dramatic effects of light.

I continue to try to make poetry out of paint.

Susan McCall